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Elastic cuff adjusted at the wrist.

Long sleeve of 15,18 or 20 cms

Long sleeve of 15,18 or 20 cms

Long sleeve of 15,18 or 20 cms

description materials

5 finger glove with palm reinforcement.
Exterior of black chrome-tanned grain leather, from approximately 1,1 to 1,2 mm.
Water-resistant, and fireproof.
Insulated and confortable hiht resistant lining of knitted. Moisture barrier, using a breathable and waterproof SYMPATEX membrane. A rib Knitted wristlet made of tubular high resistant fabric. Seams sewed with high resistant yarn thread. If requested it may be supplied with a short-cardine to keep them attached. Colours: green, blue, yellow or chrome.
Penetration Resistance to Water
Shrinking to the heat y Penetration Resistance of chemical and liquid agents.
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

levels protection

The Levels of mechanical and thermal protection, adhere to EN 659/2003 + A1/2008 requirements as gloves for FIREMEN PROTECTION.

Mechanical as EN 388/2003:
ABRASION resistance: Level 4 (>8.000 cycles), as EN 388.

CUT resistance:

Level 2 (Factor 4,1), as EN 388.


Level 3 (73 Newton´s), as EN 388.


Level 4 (223 Newton´s), as EN 388.
FLAMMABILITY: Level 4 (0 s.), según EN 407.
CONVECTIVE HEAT: HTI24: palm 19 sec., back 22,7 sec., as EN 367.
RADIANT HEAT: HTI24: 36,3 sec., as EN ISO 6942.
CONTACT HEAT: 34,71 sec., a 250ºC, as EN 702.
SHRINKING TO THE HEAT as Per ISO 17493 The material of the lining OK at 180 ºC. Shrinkage < 5% at 180ºC
PENETRATION RESISTANCE OF CHEMICAL AND LIQUID AGENTS null penetration as per EN ISO 6530: 30% H2SO4; 40% NaOH; 36% HCL; Heptanes.


Under users responsability, the glove can be cleaned with a brush or it stronger clean up is needed it is recommended to use, in liquid means a neutral soap solution bellows 40ºC or preferably use dry-clean cleaning procedures. Continues clean-ups may damage the glove performance.

instructions for use

This glove is specially designed to protect the Fire-fighter hands in practically any situation, but must be taken in consideration:
as a glove for fire penetration or in front of risk, which may exceed levels specified by the norm EN 659/2003+A1/2008, like for example electrical risks among others.

  Gant de 5 doigts avec renfort sur la paume.
Extérieur en cuir fleur couleur noir, tanneé au chrome de 1,1-1.2 mm aproximativement, hydrofugé, et ignifugé. Doublure intérieur isolante, confortable et de haute résistance. Barrière d´humidité par I´enrtremise d´une membrane SYMPATEX imperméable et transpirable. Poignet élastique en tissu tubulaire de haute résistance. Les coutures son réalisées avec du fil de haute résistance. Suivant demande on peut incorporer anneau et mousqueton de fixation ainsi que d´autres coloris: vert, bleu, jaune ou chrome.
Tailles 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 et 12.

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