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Back made of Nappel.

description materials

5-finger glove, mitten type.
Grain chrome-tanned leather of 0.9/1.1 mm.
Without protection in last phalange.
Elastic on the back.
Natural colour.
Sizes:7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

levels protection

Levels of Mechanical protection as EN 388 :

ABRASION: >500,<1.000 Cycles.
Level 2.
CUT: Not adequate against this  risk.
TEAR: 44,2 Newton's.
Level 2.
PERFORATION: 86 Newton's.
Level 2.


If clean up is needed it is recommended to use industrial dry-clean cleaning procedures.

instructions for use

This glove is specially designed for all kinds of tasks, where a good mechanical hand protection is required, except in the last phalanges and where this absence of protection is taking into consideration to avoid the loss of touch.
In front of risks where mechanical risks could be considerable, could affect the finger ends or when the risks were not mechanical (like for example chemical, thermal, electrical, etc.).

  Peau fleur de bovin chrôme modèle Miton (autocertifié CE). Se fabrique également avec des variantes sur le dos comme croûte ou Nappel.

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