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Natural colour

Natural colour
With long sleeve of Chrome-Tanned butt Split leather and Its variant with cotton canvas sleeve 108-FV/C/EL/MGTO/T

Natural colour
Studied design to fot as a protection over dielectric gloves.

Yellow colour

Yellow colour

Yellow colour

description materials

5 finger glove
Grain chrome-tanned leather, of 0.6/1.1mm.
Natural colour.
Elastic on the back.
Sewed with high mechanical and thermal resistance thread.
Length 225 to 285 mm depending on size.
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

levels protection

Levels of Mechanical protection as EN 388/2003 :

Mechanical as EN 388/2003:
ABRASION: >8.000 Cycles.
Level 4.
CUT: 1,43 index.
Level 1
TEAR: 63,0 Newton's.
Level 3
PERFORATION: 79,5 Newton's.
Level 2
Thermal as EN 407/2004::
FLAMMABILITY: Post-combustion <0 seg. Level 4
CONTACT HEAT (palm): 43 s. (100ºC).
Level 1
CONVECTIVE HEAT (back): HT|24 15s.
Level 3
RADIANT HEAT (back): RHT|24 37s.
Level 2
Level 4
GREAT PROJECTIONS OF MELTDOWN METAL: not adequate against this risk.


If clean up is needed, the globe can be cleaned with a brush or use industrial dry-clean cleaning procedures.

instructions for use

This glovw is specially designed for all kinds os task. where a good mechanical and7or thermal protection is required. maintaining a good comfort level and tactility such asmetallurgical industries, automotive, foundries, glasswork, construction of assemblies...etc.
DO NOT USE THIS GLOVE in front of risk that may exceed the levels specified by the norms EN388 and EN 407 or when the risks were not mechanical or thermal (like for example chemical, chainsaws...etc).

  Gant de 5 doigts.
Cuir fleur tanné au chrome.
Épaisseur approximatif 0,6/1,1 mm.
Couleur naturel.
Élastique de serrage dans le dos.
Les coutures sont réalisées avec du fil de haute résistance mécanique et thermique.
Longueur de 225 à 285mm.
Tailles:6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 et 12.

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