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Natural colour

Long sleeve.
Length according to the sleeve: 7-10-14-18-20 cm. Natural colour

Elastic cuff adjusted at the wrist.
Size 10
Natural colour

lLength: 300 mm
Sizes: 9 and 10
Yellow colour

description materials

Five finger glove
Grain chrome-tanned leather, of 0.9/1.1mm. Without exterior seam on forefinger.
Double seam on forefinger lateral union.
Elastic on the back.
Yellow colour.
Length: 250 mm to 260 mm.
Sizes: 8, 9 and 10.

levels protection

Levels of Mechanical protection as EN 388/2003:

ABRASION: >8.000 Cycles.
Level 4.
CUT: 1,43 Factors.
Level 1.
TEAR: 63 Newton's.
Level 3.
PERFORATION: 79,5 Newton's.
Level 2.


If clean up is needed it is recommended to use industrial dry-clean cleaning procedures.

instructions for use

This glove is specially designed for all kinds of industries, where a risk of physical damage for the hands exists, such as metallurgist, automobile industry, mining, construction, assembly, etc.
In front of risks that may exceed the levels specified by the norm EN 388 or when the risks were not mechanical (like for example chemical, thermal, electrical, etc.).

  Peau fleur de bovin jaune, double couture doigt index.
Se fabrique également en couleur chrôme.
Longueur 250 mm à 260 mm.

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